Cosmetic Ingredients

Our technology, BaiyaPharming, is a plant-produced protein expression platform providing a cutting-edge solution that produce an cosmetic ingredients for your beauty brand. This technology has the flexibility to produce within a few weeks which results in faster and lower cost of research and development.

Our products include plant- produced basic Epidermal Growth factor (Baiya Plant EGF™) and plant-produced basic Fibroblast Growth factor (Baiya Plant FGF™) as a potential anti-aging ingredient for cosmetics.

Baiya Plant EGF

An effectively anti-aging skin care as it is able to prevent and control the aging process due to the collagen production and cell growth promotion

Baiya Plant bFGF

An effectively anti-aging skin care as it is able to promote the growth of epidermal cells, keratinocyte and fibroblast

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