COVID-19 Vaccine Development

The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019. This pandemic have caused global social and economic disruption for Thailand and all countries to accelerate vaccine research and development. Besides the challenges of vaccine research and development, adequate vaccine capacity for the world’s 7 billion people is a key challenge for each country to provide vaccines for all the people. Baiya Phytopharm developed COVID-19 plant-based vaccine by using our technology, Baiyapharming. We developed 6 prototypes of vaccine from Nicotiana benthamiana leaves to find the best one.

From the 6 anti-SARs-CoV-2 candidate vaccines, Baiya SARS-CoV Vax 1, has been tested on mice and monkeys. The results show that the vaccine boosts the level of neutralizing antibodies in the vaccinated animals effectively after just two doses, adding that the next step is to evaluate the toxicology or side effects of the candidateBaiya Phytopharm expects to initiate human trials by the next year (2021).

COVID-19 Vaccine Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Julian Ma, PhD

  • Professor of Molecular Immunology and Director of the Institute for Infection and Immunity.
  • St George’s University of London, United Kingdom. 

Associate Professor Hugh Mason, PhD

  • School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, United States of America.

Professor Pakdee Pothisiri, PhD

  • Chair, National Strategy and Country Reform committee on Anti-Corruption, Thailand
  • Former Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
  • Former Secretary-General of the Thai Food and Drug Administration, Thailand
  • Former Director General of the Department of Medical Sciences, Thailand

Sathit Pichyangkul, PhD

  • Present: Senior Principal Investigator of the Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences (USAMD-AFRIMS), Thailand

  • Former: Director of Immunology and Vaccinology Research Program of the Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences (USAMD-AFRIMS), Thailand

Professor Kiat Ruxrungtham, MD

  • Professor of Medicine from Department of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University.
  • Scientific Mentor & Founder Chula Vaccine Research Center, Thailand

Wiput Phoolcharoen, MD

  • Chairman Policy Research and Development Institute Foundation (PRI), Thailand
  • Former Director, Health Systems Research Institute, Thailand

Associate Professor Palarp Sinhaseni, PhD

  • A member of the WHO Expert Advisory Panel  on Food Safety 
  • Founding member and former president of Thai Society of Toxicology
aj anan

Anan Jongkaewwattana, PhD

  • Director, Veterinary Innovation and Management Research Group, National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC)
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Prof. Emeritus Sutee Yoksan, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Advisor of the Center for Vaccine Development; Institute of Molecular Biosciences.

Where are we?

Baiya SARS-CoV-2 Vax 1






                         Baiya SARS-CoV-2 Vax 1 vaccine has been successfully tested in animal studies (Preclinical). The vaccine is currently in the pre-production phase and is requesting an approval to test its efficacy and safety in humans which will take place in the year 2021.


          We use a Molecular Pharming technology to develop plant-based vaccines. We designed the protein of SARS-CoV-2 virus and let plants produce the protein that has similar shape of the viral protein. The plant produced-protein will be delivered into the body to allow the body creating a specific immune system against the COVID-19 virus. This technology is used in vaccine production in several countries.

          The vaccines produced by Baiya Phytopharm can stored at 2-8 °C in 2 month. The advantages of this technology is the rapid production, therefore it can be easily developed if COVID continues to mutate in the future.

          Baiya Phytopharm began the vaccine development in February 2020. Our first vaccine candidate, Baiya SARS-CoV-2 Vax 1, is successfully tested in animal studies (mice and monkeys). the results show that the vaccine boosts the level of antibodies in the test animals effectively after just two doses.

               Basically, vaccine development must be tested in animal and human prior to release. Baiya planned to complete all phases of human trials by 2021 and produce for general use by 2022. Hopefully this will be the vaccine of choice for all Thai people to have enough vaccines against COVID-19.

               We need a further study to ensure how long the shot last and the percentage of protection. However, the results from animal studies show that the vaccine boosts the level of antibodies effectively after two doses, 21 days apart.

               The safety of Baiya’s plant-based vaccine are currently available only in mice and monkeys. None of the serious adverse events and death were found in animal testing. Although we need further study in human which planned to launch by 2021 to ensure the safety of the vaccine.

Baiya Rapid Covid-19 IgG/IgM Test kit™

                    As pandemic of Covid-19 hits the globe in January 2020, Baiya Phytopharm has shifted its production capacity to produce SAR-CoV-2 related protein including RBD-His antigen protein, human ACE2 protein, CR3022 monoclonal antibody. Baiya Phytopharm has launched Baiya Rapid Covid-19 IgG/IgM Test kit™ in March 2020 and has filed for Thai FDA approval for medical device in April 2020.

Our Proteins

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